Super Mario Bros

How to play Super Mario Bros

Click screen to activate.

← → ↑ ↓ = Directions

= A   = B 

enter ↵  = Start  

space   = Select

Mario Bros is a top-rated and classic game. Here you will control Mario to go through multiple levels, take risks and challenges, kill mushrooms and man-eating flowers, defeat evil dragons, clear up all obstacles on the successful journey, and finally rescue the princess to achieve the success of the game.

Mario Bros’ game operation

In Mario Bros, direction control is carried out by using direction keys, the up key acts like jumping up, and the down key is the function of squatting. The letter A key enables growing uncle Mario to carry out fire attacks. If there is no weapon to launch, he will use the kick function to kill all offensive enemies in the checkpoint to protect his safety.

Mario Bros’ game features

Mario bros can play single-player games or double-player challenges, contributing to the rescue of the princess. On the way to adventure, different checkpoints will encounter various difficulties, perhaps moving mushrooms. Maybe it is a flying turtle. Maybe it was a fire-breathing dinosaur. Anyway, the whole road was full of thrills. You need to be more vigilant and then use your skills to kill all enemies. Otherwise, if they meet you, it means you need to start over. I hope you can calm down in Mario bros and finally rescue the princess.

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